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    "Andre Alonzo Chambers was never your average child. He constantly looked at the world in terms of what further might be done. The wisdom Andre gained early in life has led to incredible achievements that continue now"


    Holding the Tech Horse:


    Andre Chambers was already 20 when he started using high tech. The technologies' novelty made sense; the world was fast changing toward new tools and surroundings, and those who jumped on board early would profit the most. Who would have believed that gadgets the size of a hand would have so much financial and communication power just 20 years ago? Today's smartphone has the power of a network server from two decades ago.


    Taking the Lead:


    Andre rose swiftly, recognizing the power of computing. He was a team supervisor at a computer business before he could drink. Small and medium-sized enterprises might fill niches in marketplaces where giant players got stuck or required agile support, he noticed. By 22, Andre Chambers had his own IT firm, giving professional advice and consultancy to significant companies. Rather of getting a paycheck, he was now signing them for Andre's employees. Neither was the client list. Andre's firm supported significant customers including Toyota, AFLAC, State Auto, and others.




    Andre wasn't either. He took advantage of the turbulent real estate market in the 2000s and focused on property investments. Andre Chambers now has stakes in at least three states, with distinct regional markets, economies, and property prices. Andre was able to leverage his positions into multi-million dollar companies by combining his worth with partners.


    A Big Life Change:


    When the year 2020 dawned, Andre Chambers felt it was time for a change. He was tired of the perpetual chase that comes with running a multinational consulting firm, of being publicly listed, and of being away from his family. It was time for change. So Chambers shifted gears and concentrated on being closer to home. Chambers volunteered more than ever before to help local small businesses survive the first COVID impact, and he taught his kids at home.


    Beginning a Broader Life:


    Andre had more time to enjoy life. The entrepreneur developed a passion for smoking meat to enhance taste. Andre became so into cooking and grilling that he ended up acquiring a smoker and two normal grills for simultaneous cooking on big feast days.

    Travel became a significant part of the fun. Andre began to examine more than simply markets and positions. The former IT firm owner's excursions included trips to Puerto Vallarta, the Alps, and southern Germany-Bavaria, as well as local and regional camping vacations.


    But none of that took Andre's own drive away. He felt a need to establish, promote, and expand business prospects later in life. Andre has revived languishing concepts and enterprises, such as DMV ASAP. He finds gold where others see garbage and recovers fresh resources from others' waste. Andre provided another possibility for employment and prosperity online by resurrecting DMV ASAP from a shell he took over in 2020. But Andre doesn't keep his accomplishments to himself. He has aggressively provided resources, funds, and computer equipment to local Las Vegas schools. The local Boys and Girls Club, homeless charity, and Big Brothers Big Sisters were also supported.


    Looking Ahead to the Future:


    Andre Chambers understands that life will continue to bring curveballs and breakthroughs. The key to getting through it all is perseverance and the capacity to bounce back from setbacks. There will never be a perfect day where everything goes as planned. Even when things go awry, they may lead to larger things. Andre Alonso Chambers understands this well, having lived by it for decades.

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